Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby Bump...Here It Comes!

Well, you asked for baby bump pictures, so here you go... I can't believe it, I woke up Saturday morning and there is was! This is 14 weeks and 1 day or for guys, 3 and a half months. I play tennis with a group of girls and our instructor, Zach, asked how far along I was and when I said 14 weeks, he said "So you mean 3 and a half months, I don't get why women use weeks instead of months, it's weird." Anyway, my dad and brother came by the house today and moved one of the guest beds out of what will soon be the baby's room. We will get to find out what we're having in about 6 weeks and then we can really get to work on the nursery. So fun!!

Our Weekend in Little Rock

Wiley and Allison enjoying a little Priscilla Ahn and Amos Lee...It was a great show, but I have to say, I enjoyed the performance at Walton Art Center a bit more.
Me and Zach at the concert in Little Rock. I enjoyed Priscilla Ahn so much I bought a t-shirt. I'm such a nerd! She's really great though, check out some of her tunes below on my play list...

The Amos Lee groupies waiting outside the music venue "The Village". They opened the doors an hour late and it's amazing we are still alive since we were in the worst part of Little Rock. It was at the old IMax theatre on Asher. They had just had there liquor license taken away (not that it mattered for me:) and there was no heat inside, and the bathroom smelled like pepper, but it was well worth it...and note to self (and other women/pregnant especially), don't wear a jumper while your prego, you have to go the bathroom a million times and it's way too hard getting in and out of the darn thing! If you notice it looks like Coy is flying solo-Oh no, I'll leave up to you to ask Mrs. Puryear where she was for the first hour...Hahahahaha!

We stayed with our friends, Paul and Tiffany, over the weekend and had a fantastic time. I ate so much! We had breakfast one morning at Ozark Smokehouse, their chocolate chip pancakes are to die for. The next morning we ate at Satellite Cafe and it was great too. Their orange juice was the best I've ever had! Well, I'm so mad at myself for not taking pictures of Paul and Tiffany's super cute house, but I did get a picture of Z and their super cute puppy, Bella. She is a Shi Tzu and just precious! She was wearing her pink thermal jumper and her hair bow; she is so sweet, I would have brought her home! And check out Tiffany's blog at, she just started embroidering on the side and does a great job!

This looks like trouble, right?!? Boom Kinetic played in Little Rock at Gusano's over the weekend. There was a great crowd, and as always, the music was awesome...I told Zach and Wiley I wanted to take a picture of them before the show for the blog, and this is what I got. Not surprising:) We went and ate at So the next day and it was yummy! That is a neat little place to eat if you are ever in The Heights area in Little Rock.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's time to share the BIG news!!

Surprise! We are pregnant! Well, we can hardly believe how much Baby Gump has grown since our last visit. We went this morning for our 12 week checkup and everything looks great. The experience today was absolutely amazing...I didn't think I would be so emotional, but when I saw the tiniest little legs and arms moving all around, I just lost it. It's a feeling that cannot possibly be put into words. As of right now, my due date is May 23rd...I'll keep you updated!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago we made a trip to the pumpkin patch with our friends and family; we were going to have a carving contest...I didn't know it would be so much fun. There were big pumpkins, little pumpkins, long and short and they even had pumpkins with peanuts growing on them...I wish I had taken a picture of that; it was a sight! Well, we never got around to the carving part, but we still had a blast. I preferred the baby cute!