Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tuk the wonderdog

Here is just a little snippet of some of the amazing tricks of Tuk. He's a little out of practice, but we are thinking that he might need to be in movies since he is so incredibly smart...hehehe. Jack doesn't know any tricks, he's just cute:)


Molly Bittle Puryear said...

I LOVE IT! Your video worked for me. So cute. As if we can't stalk you enough by watching your every move as you come and go, but now we'll have updates from the inside! haha!

Sarah said...

Yay! Your blog is so cute Abra!! I am impressed with the video!!
See you tomorrow at tennis!

The Evins said...

How are you?? YOur dog is so pretty. Hope all is well.
Amber Evins

MonicaMeadows said...

Hey! love the blog! I hopefully will see you at bunco again, maybe next time!

Molly Bittle Puryear said...

Heelloooo? You can't just quit blogging Abra... I know something you could blog about! Just come over and I'll tell you!