Tuesday, December 9, 2008

3 Ways to Tell if Your Husband is an Over-The-Top Christmas Light Decorator

Okay, if anyone knows Zach, they know he LOVES to decorate for Christmas...He started the project when we got home from our Thanksgiving journeys. When it comes to decorating the yard for Christmas, it's a major ordeal at the Gump house.
3 Ways to Tell if Your Husband is an Over-The-Top Christmas Decorator:

1) Your husband is highly ticked when you get home from Thanksgiving vacation and he notices that your neighbor already has his lights hung. He starts the project immediately-totally ignoring the Sunday afternoon Football games.
2) It's the coldest day of the year and snowing and that doesn't stop "Project Christmas Lights".
What better way to put you in the holiday spirit he says...
3) You have a knock down drag out fight in the middle of the Christmas isle at Wal-Mart because your husband wants to use net lighting (the lights that go over your shrubbery and bushes) to light your whole front yard and you say "ABSOLUTELY NOT" in fear that your neighbors will think you are the Griswold's cousins...That's right, a yard covered in net lighting right where your little Jack has to go tinkle...Can you imagine!


The Crouches said...

You need a pic of the finished project at night!!! HA-I love it! Julie

Mimi Minton said...

I love it...wish your DAD was more of a Christmas exterior-decorator...baa - Hum Bug!

love, mom

Tiffany Ann said...

too funny. Paul and I went on a christmas decoration shopping trip and he bought one thing- a Santa coffee mug- and he was so excited about it. He drinks coffee from it every morning. hope to see you guys soon

Molly Bittle Puryear said...

This is too funny... we pulled in during the "lighting of the Gump house". You should have a lighting party next year, like the lighting at the square, but not!

Joanna said...

Too funny! I'm picturing the netting lights in your yard...lol!