Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving with the family

Wendy and I at Amanda and Lynn's house for Thanksgiving dinner. This was the 2nd Thanksgiving feast we ate that day...TOO MUCH FOOD! It was great seeing everyone and catching up.
Zach's brother, Jacob was in for Thanksgiving from Chicago. This Zach and Jacob taking a break from the Ping Pong tournament at the Pettus's. Josh, Z's cousin still stands as champ...
My brother, Daniel, and his girlfriend Gena at Granny and Pop's farm in Nashville AR. Yep, there is a Nashville Arkansas, but don't blink or you might miss it. Dad and Daniel had been there all week hunting on the farm...I'll never understand that!
We just finished eating way too much at Granny and Pop's for Thanksgiving Lunch. My Granny makes the best homemade rolls ever. I can never get enough!

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Emily! said...

Yeah good job updating the blog! You have to post the lights up and LIT! I wish I had an "outside" to decorate this year.